Vintage finds from the heart of Virginia

Orange, chartreuse, glitz and glitter life is too short to live it beige. If you like a home and a closet bursting with personality and color, yet possessing the mellow, permanent, polished feel and look of vintage, you've come to the perfect place.

We have a special affection for early plastics and Bakelite, as well as kitchenware that takes you back to your mom's or grandma's kitchen. You might also see something that reminds you of the dazzling brooch on her finest coat for Sunday dress. Be prepared to say aloud, "I remember that!

Cheerful and classic? Oh, yes.

Of course, much as we love the exuberance of midcentury classics and kitsch, we don't restrict ourselves. We don't think anyone should. We also love the Victorian and modern eras (including some post-86 Fiesta), and when something appeals to our sensibilities from those years, we offer it. Few things are as much fun as mixing and matching one's décor and dress to include the finest that all the eras have to offer.

We also have a strong background in militaria, so you'll see some items that speak of both the male and female experiences during the wars that defined our nation during the 20th century. (For authentic Civil War collectibles from an earlier era, please visit our associated shop, J.S. Mosby Antiques & Artifacts.)

The three most important things to us are authenticity, condition, and customer service.

We hope you enjoy your visit. If you like what you see, we already have something in common, for we don't list anything that doesn't appeal to us personally. We warmly invite you to click around to your heart's content, and if you have any questions, please feel free to inquire by e-mail.

And if you'd like some commentary and collecting tips along the way, please check in on our blog. Oh, and feel free to pin items on Pinterest. We don't mind a bit if you share our images.

Life. Don't live it beige.