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Ultimate Retro: 1950s furniture coasters
Item #: VV-RetroFurnCoasters
Ultimate Retro: 1950s furniture coasters Ultimate Retro: 1950s furniture coasters
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A rare find --- almost none have survived, and certainly not in a set this size. It's a hoot of a perfect finishing touch to the detail-oriented retro mid-century kitchen or any other room. The collection consists of 15 pink and 6 gray furniture coasters in the pink and gray color scheme so popular with 1940s and 1950s decorators.

As can be seen from the images, there is some mild variation in the shades of pink when stacked together, but rest assured the stack of 15 is all pink. Two shade toward salmon and one toward rose, and the other 12 are blush pink. The color appears uniform in the grays, perhaps because they were less susceptible to fading or patination.

These are sturdy, thick, hard, and designed to take abuse. Fourteen pinks in very good to excellent condition; the 15th pink has a split on one side but is still extremely usable. Four grays in very good to excellent condition; the other two bear surface marks commensurate with use, and are ready for more use.

They all measure a smidge over 2 1/2" across and have concentric rings in the interior. The photo of the stacks make it clear that they are of uniform size. (They all came together out of a time-warp estate.)

Tailor=made for the discriminating retro collector and decorator.
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